Did you know? Costco began its story by opening a store in San Diego 47 years ago

In addition, Costco wasn't the first name of this business

Costco is undoubtedly one of people's favorite stores due to the variety of its products, its food samples, and its items that have delighted many.

Something that really attracts people is its desserts, which have become quite sought after by clients and resellers, as these are often resold at a higher price to people without a membership or who don't have the chance to buy these products.

Costco began its story in San Diego

Currently, new Costco stores are not regularly open which is why client demand has been increasing in already existing establishments, but do you know where the first Costco store was opened?

According to its website, Costco began its story in San Diego in 1976. It opened its first store in what used to be an airplane hangar under the name "Price Club" at the Morena Boulevard area. It used to focus on selling to small business owners, but after finding an opportunity for consumers who didn't own a business they decided to open more "clubs".

First Price Club stores
First Price Club stores

The first store with the Costco name opened in Seattle in 1983, and it was the first company that grew from $0 to $3 million dollars in less than 6 years.

Price Club and Costco united in 1993, working with branches under the name "Price Costco". By then, they already had 206 branches and were earning more than $15 million dollars every year in sales.

Costco name timeline
Costco name timeline

In 1997, the business was restructured, and the name Costco Wholesale returned, which is the name that has remained so far. Costco offers wholesale and retail products and it has a soda fountain in each of its branches with food that is made there and ready to eat.

Line at Costco
Line at Costco

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