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Hard to believe! Tent is put up for rent in San Diego for $900 dollars a month

A residence in Ocean Beach put up for rent a tent on Craigslist

San Diego is one of the most expensive places regarding renting or buying a home with prices exceeding over 1 million dollars, which means it is almost impossible to find a home that one can buy on a budget.

Even with these issues, there are some renting options that are quite outrageous and such is the case with a residence in Ocean Beach that put up an ad this week offering a 10ftx12ft tent in a garden with no heating for $900 dollars a month.

These $900 dollars include utilities such as water, electricity, and sewage and an electric warming mattress, daily cleaning, maintenance, a power outlet, a night table, doors and windows with a zipper, and "a loving cat named Honey Mustard who lives in the home" that could visit you whenever he feels like it.

There's also access to a shared kitchen with four other people, a living room, and the patio. Beach towels and boogie boards are included in the rent.

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Things that tenants may not enjoy: you can have a guest, but they cannot stay the night. You can bring a dog as long as it doesn't fight or frighten the home's cat.

This tent located at Long Branch Av. no longer appears on Craigslist. The post has been deleted and it is still unknown whether it was rented.

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