Tijuana has the best tacos in the world and these are the reasons

Our city has become the favorite spot for people who love this Mexican dish

Tijuana's delicious gastronomy has placed it on the map of the best culinary destinations to visit, not only in Mexico but the world due to the gastronomic boom it has had in the last decade. This has uplifted both elaborated and traditional dishes and one of them is the famous taco.

On Sunday, March 31, Taco Day is being celebrated and that's why we dedicate this article in its honor.

Two taquerias in Tijuana were ranked on Taste Atlas' Top 5: Maricos El Mazateño, renowned for its famous spicy shrimp tacos; and Tacos El Franc where carne asada tacos with charcoal flavor and good marinade are the standout; both are classic and an unmissable delicacy. In addition, Tacos El Franc also wins a gold medal for having the best al pastor tacos in the world, according to several critical reviews. An example of this is Dave Lieberman, from OC Weekly, who said:

If bacon is the gateway drug for vegetarians, carne adobada is the next step toward porcine bliss. There's no distracting sweet pineapple here; it's all pork and capsaicin cooled by avocado.

For his part, renowned Chef Roy Choi, who visited the city in 2022 to film the show "Broken Bread", had a street tour where he went to Carnitas Kiki and the modern tacos of El Casimiro, located in Insurgente on Av. Revolución, other stands in downtown Tijuana, and Tacos El Franc. His verdict of the whole experience was:

We tried coal carne asada like they are made in Tijuana, steaks grilled in coal, and oh, man! Birria tacos! Simply incredible! Tacos in Tijuana are no joke, they are really the best tacos in the world. I love how a lot of sauces are almost like mole or fermented dough entrees where sauce is never taken away. You just simply keep adding a new sauce once one is over and that’s how flavor develops. As a cook, I really love that process.

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There's also the opinion of local Chef Danny Betancourt who, through his tours in Tijuana, has tried the best tacos. Among them, we can highlight Tacos El Vaquero, especially due to their thick carne asada cuts, its chimichurri salsa, and its flour tortillas that create a burst of flavor.

Los Tacos Chihuahuas and Perrones de La Mesa are not left far behind, as the smoked taste from firewood gives the meat, whose soft texture makes it easy to eat, a special flavor.

Getting into more exotic territory, a taco that Chef Danny rated 9.5 was the "Musmón" duck taco as its protein was marinated in soy sauce with orange salsa and chiltepin chile.

In addition, Tijuana has been ranked as one of the Top 5 cities in Mexico with the most taco orders through Uber Eats, which its undoubtedly due to the excellence, variety, and quality of the city's tacos. In 2023, 9 million taco orders were made through this app in Mexico.

Lastly, in Tijuana there are more than 1,000 taquerias registered in Uber Eats, which makes the city heaven on Earth for taco lovers, especially this weekend where this most patriotic dish is being celebrated.

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