Carmely Gastélum, young artist from Mexicali triumphs online with amazing song

This talented artist has stood out due to her modern urban music

Baja California is home to several artists that have stood out worldwide which begin with nothing and little by little start growing and developing. Currently, there are hundreds of new artists that live in the region with each one standing out in their particular artistic area.

Discover Carmely Gastélum, new Mexicali native artist

One of these new artists is Mexicali-native Carmely Gastélum who, despite having her first release this year, has had great reach on social media, especially YouTube where she currently has 23,750 views.

Her popularity significantly grew when she released her 2nd single called "Desilusional", which was sung and composed by this talented cachanilla. The genre of this song is currently quite popular among young people, which makes it perfect for thousands of people to discover new artists.

Carmely was born with music in her blood, showing incredible talent by beginning to play the piano at 4 years old. She enrolled at Centro Estatal de las Artes (CEART) in Mexicali when she was only 7 years old, where she also started classic guitar lessons which also marked her beginnings as a composer.

When she was 9 years old, she was already part of the Red Río Nuevo Symphonic Orchestra of CEART, developing her musical talent by learning how to play the clarinet, the violin, and being part of the polyphonic choir. When Carmely was 16 year olds, she had moved to Mexico City to achieve her dream. Currently, she studies in the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico where she has shown great versatility to compose singles in genres such as reggaeton, pop, cumbia, and bolero.

In her video one can see the mix of the best of both worlds, as she brings the freshness and novelty of the popular urban genre with a retro visual mix, bringing back the famous visualizers that were regularly used in media players in the 2000s and which had also been used approximately 10 years ago in electronic music videos.

Carmely Gastélum is releasing this year her first creations as a singer-songwriter with singles such as "Desilusional" and "Dudas". You can learn more about her and what her future projects are by following her on all musical platforms and social media pages:

YouTube: Carmely Gastelum
Instagram: @carmelybaby
TikTok: @carmelybb


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