San Diego County Fair will travel back in time with "Let's Go Retro" theme this June

There will be a series of concerts in Spanish and cool surprises from Wednesday, June 12 to Sunday, July 7

One of the most popular events in southern California is coming back with new surprises, great concerts, and a unique retro touch! We are talking about the 2024 edition of the San Diego County Fair!

With its “Let's Go Retro” theme, this 20-day long event is the perfect excuse to have fun with your family and friends in a voyage through time and enjoy the nostalgia of traveling back to the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Taking place from June 12 to July 7 at Del Mar, the San Diego County Fair will be open to all visitors, including citizens of Baja California.

What to expect at the San Diego County Fair?

In a press conference at Centro Cultural Tijuana, Luis Valdivia, Hispanic spokesman of Del Mar Fairgrounds said the following about this event:

We have something for everyone. The fair generally speaking is known for its amusement rides, games of luck, and fried food. There are people who visit us because of our exhibitions, like coin or cup collections. We have a flower and garden exhibition. Children are coming for the games. Families want to go to the children's area and there are groups of couples and adults that want to experience our secret canteen, a speakeasy called "Destination Unknown".

For his part, Tristan Hallman, Chief Communications Officer for the 22nd District Agricultural Association, agency that organizes the San Diego County Fair, stated:

We are very excited about representing the union of two communities. San Diego and Tijuana are two different cities, in two different states, and in two different countries. There are many things that unite us, we both value our families, the entrepreneur spirit, hard work, and we all love to have fun. Both of our communities love delicious food.

Regarding the 'Let's Go Retro' theme, it will be showcased through decorated areas and themed exhibitions. A mini museum located at the entrance will show pop culture representations with the proper hairstyles, fashion, music, emblematic artists, technology, and food of each decade. Visitors are also encouraged to dress up in the style of their favorite decade!


Enjoy delicious dishes such as corndogs, pupusas from El Salvador, delicious kettle corns, and all the fried food you can eat such as crookies, shakes, pop tarts, funnel cakes (chicken sandwiches made with buñuelos), Bobba tea, huge turkey legs, corn, and burgers.


“Domingueando en la Feria” is a binational and multicultural celebration with music performances in Spanish every Sunday. The Toyota Concerts will take place at the Corona Grandstand stage at 7:30 PM, and they will feature the following artists:

Pepe Aguilar – June 16

Pancho Barraza – June 23

Los Tucanes de Tijuana – June 30

Hombres G – July 7

Access to these concerts is included with your admission. Find out all the concerts that will take place on the San Diego County Fair’s official website.

A Noble Cause

One of the main features of this event is that you will be able to donate stuffed toys that you win at the fair to the "Care N' Share" program in order to support the Children's Hospital of the Californias. The children of Tijuana will be grateful for your generous donation as these are the stuffed friends they will be holding before their surgeries. When you leave the fair, you'll be able to deposit these toys in containers. Let’s not forget: this program has been going on since 2019!

Prices and Promotions

People of Tijuana can buy tickets to the San Diego County Fair at all Farmacias Roma branches.

Ticket prices are $13 for children aged 6-12 and seniors aged 62 and older, and $17 for children 13 years and older as well as adults.

You can also buy the "Fair Tripper", which includes your admission ticket and transportation for $20! You’ll be able to reach the San Diego County Fair from any spot in San Diego via trolley, bus, or train operated by the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) and the North County Transit District.

The “Pay One Price” from Pepsi is a bracelet that will allow you to get into amusement rides at the Fun Zone and Kids Zone for a single price on Wednesdays and Thursdays (except on July 4) until 8 PM. Save $5 by purchasing two 20-oz Pepsi products at 7-Eleven.

Other ways to save money

• Children 5 years old or younger will be admitted for free every day.

• All children 12 years old or younger will be admitted for free all Fridays.

• There will be free parking at Canyon Crest Academy, with free shuttle transportation to the fair.

• You can bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks.

It should be noted that the fair will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.


1. Organize your visit.

2. Familiarize yourself with all pricing options

3. Plan an itinerary.

4. Find free parking.

5. Go on Wednesdays and Thursdays to get discounted prices; the fair is also less crowded on these days.

Remember, you can purchase discounted tickets at Farmacias Roma.

Learn everything about the San Diego County Fair on their official website and social media pages:

Website in Spanish:
Website in English:
Facebook: @sdfair
Instagram: @sandiegocountyfair


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