Temperature increase forecasted in Tijuana for this weekend

Heat will finally arrive in the region!

After a long wait, what many were expecting and most were fearing has finally arrived in the city of Tijuana. The weather in these last few days has been cool for the season. However, an increase of local temperatures is expected for this weekend.

According to weather forecast website, Meteored, weather for the whole week will have a pleasant minimum temperature of 14°C, while the maximum temperature for Friday will be 23°C.

In addition, it is expected that temperatures will increase on Saturday and Sunday with a minimum temperature of 14°C and a maximum temperature of 26°C. Though it is not an extremely warm weather, it is possible some people may feel this increase.

However, warm temperatures on Saturday and Sunday are not here to stay as, according to Meteored, on Monday, June 17, temperatures will drop again and remain that way throughout the whole week.

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