Unforgettable! Celebrate your father with a Luis Miguel concert in Tijuana

Relive your nostalgia by listening to his greatest hits live

Better than ever, Luis Miguel is coming back with a new series of concerts in 2024 and one of them will take place in Tijuana on September 4 at Estadio Caliente.

Father's Day is fast approaching, which is why this event is a unique opportunity to give your dad an amazing gift so that he can enjoy live the hits by "El Sol de México" and relive his nostalgia.

Instead of giving your dad a wallet, tie, or shirt, which is the most common thing, surprise him by giving him an unforgettable experience at Luis Miguel's 2024 Tour where he can treasure forever a night where you can sing his hits and experience with euphoria the vibrant energy of this show.

Dedicating this night to love and memories, fans will spend a unique evening listening to songs such as “Tengo todo excepto a ti”, “La Incondicional”, “Culpable o no”, “Ahora te puedes marchar”, “Será que no me amas”, “Entrégate”, and many more that have made a mark in this singer's long career.

His voice, charisma, and ways of connecting with the public will captivate fathers and children alike as his talent transcends generations, as he has been listened by people when they were children or teenagers.

Starting his professional career when he was only 12 years old, Luis Miguel has consolidated himself as one of the most beloved, respected, and sought artists in the music industry, leaving an important legacy in the world of romance.

The return of this idol with this new tour has created a wave of euphoria among his fans who want to buy tickets as soon as possible to see him. The last time Luis Miguel came to Tijuana was 9 years ago, which is why this occasion is very special to people who live here.

According to Pop Star Power Ranking, Luis Miguel had more ticket sales than artists such as Madonna, Paul McCartney and, according to Bloomberg, U2 and Taylor Swift.

The most important Spanish speaking artist has become the first Mexican in breaking download records on Spotify and also recently celebrated 100 million views of his video "Por Debajo de la Mesa".

Currently, there are very few spaces left for Luis Miguel's concert in Tijuana as it is an event with extremely high demand in what has been called the artist's most successful tour. We recommend buying your tickets as soon as possible at: Fun Ticket MX. Here are some things you should know before purchasing your tickets:

1- Pay special attention when writing your email because that's where your tickets will be sent.

2- You have 15 minutes to buy your tickets. DON'T leave while the process is ongoing to prevent the bank from making your payment and not getting your tickets.

3- You will receive your tickets in the following 72 hours after your purchase.

4- If you don't get your tickets in this timeframe, check your spam folder.

5- If you are unable to find your tickets, send an email to with the following information:

A) Email registered during purchase

B) Complete name of person who made the purchase

C) Registered phone number

D) Event and city

6- Ticket prices depending on area

Northern Top - $ 990 pesos - SOLD OUT

Northern Area- $ 1,690 pesos - SOLD OUT

West Area - $ 1,990 pesos

General area on foot - $1,990 pesos

Main floor - $3,290 pesos

Preferential West - $ 3,390 pesos

Preferential East - $3,390 pesos

Bronze - $ 4,290 pesos

Gold – $ 5,990 pesos

Silver - $6,890 pesos

Platinum - $ 6,890 pesos

Diamond - $8,990 pesos SOLD OUT

Lastly, prepare yourself with time. As this is the return of Luis Miguel after 9 years of being absent in Tijuana, it is expected that tickets will sell out soon. In addition, on the day of the concert there will be long lines to get into Estadio Caliente and the parking lot. It is recommended that you arrive in advance.

Surprise your father on Father's Day by giving him tickets for Luis Miguel's amazing concert! Purchase them at: Fun Ticket MX.


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