"Pride Rosarito" Committee invites everyone to the 3rd edition of the LGBTTTIQA+ Pride March this Saturday

The "Pride Rosarito" committee is working with the slogan "Our love will defeat hate

The first LGBTTTIQA+ organization in Rosarito "Pride Rosarito" founded in 2020 by architect Jesús Leiva Soltero is currently promoting, alongside the Pride Committee, the 3rd edition of the LGBTTTIQA+ Pride March.

This organization has carried out several efforts in the fight for equality and since 2020 has not stopped organizing activities and events, and making human rights of the LGBTTTIQA+ community visible. On Saturday, June 15, the 3rd LGBTTTIQA+ Pride March will take place in the city of Rosarito accompanied by colors and music where everyone can participate and march.

This celebration will begin at 3 PM and the march will take place from the Municipal Palace to Downtown Rosarito. This is a 100% family friendly event. At 5:30 PM, the march will conclude with several different shows and at 8 PM there will be an after party at Bar Cheve del Barrio.

March Route

Medical services and other activities

In addition, there will be several different musical performances, appearances, and shows, among them there will be the presence of Venus Delite, who was a participant in RuPaul's Drag Race; there will also be floats, the Rosarito gay choir, protest banners, and several different free medical services.

Dr. Adolfo Reyes spoke at length about the important things that will be present at the march and, among them, he claimed that CAPSITS (Ambulatory Center for the Prevention and Assistance of AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections) Tijuana will have a prompt STD detection unit for conditions such as HIV and syphilis.

It should be noted that the committee will provide psychological assistance to all people who need it. People interested can write get in contact on social media with a psychologist and begin the therapy process according to each person's needs.

Rainbow and ally spots

Pride Rosarito said that they have managed to get several sponsors and collaborations this year from restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques. With this, they said that all of these will have a plaque or label that says that the establishment is free of discrimination due to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

With this plaque, the committee is working in an education program where several talks will take place and several questions by employees and workers will be answered in order to create a space with greater inclusion in all manners, from spaces for people with different capabilities to the adequate use of neutral language.

These spaces will be called "punto arcoiris" (rainbow spot) and each establishment will be approved on the Pride Rosarito's official website to let it be known that there are places that are free of any kind of discrimination.

It is expected that the 3rd edition of the LGBTTTIQA+ Pride March Rosarito gathers around 600 people. Orgullo Rosarito is currently calling on the entire community to go out next Saturday to march, celebrate, and raise their voice. Support for this march is essential to make history in our state so that these issues can be addressed more and more as time marches on.

To learn more, you can check out the social media pages of "Pride Rosarito":

Instagram: @orgullorosarito
Website: Orgullo Rosarito

For more information about this and upcoming events in the city of Rosarito, check out the social media pages of COTUCO Rosarito:

Instagram: @rosarito_baja
Facebook: Rosarito Baja Norte


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