Marina del Pilar promotes community peace and wellbeing in Baja California

The state governor led the event "Feria de la Paz" where citizens turned in their weapons willingly at a SEDENA unit

Alongside representatives of the armed forces and residents of the city of Tijuana, the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda led "Feria de Paz y Desarme Voluntario", an event where people turned in their weapons at a unit organized by agents of the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA), and then received social assistance from several agencies of this state government.

"Today I want to speak directly to young people, all of you, the young people who are here with us today. We are the first government of Baja California that is putting young people and children first. We are going out to the streets and not staying at the office, because that's how governments from the Fourth Transformation are. In these spaces, in these communities, we are with you, where the issues and needs are," she said.

The state governor highlighted the coordination work between state, federal, and municipal agencies to fight the causes that create violence, especially through preventive work with young people while promoting fundamental values of social coexistence.

In her speech, she also spoke about the first woman president of Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, highlighting how this fact has filled society with pride as it demonstrates to girls, young women, and women that they will have the opportunity to make their goals come true and do what they want to do, including politics.

"I am the youngest governor in Baja California and the first female governor, but I won't be the last. Many great women are coming, just like Dr. Claudia, that will open the way to all of us. And with her, we will continue to transform Baja California," Marina del Pilar said.

She said that Baja California is the first state in Mexico, outside of Mexico City, that has implemented the Pilares program, which consists of creating comprehensive development centers and training and support especially focused on children, young people, single mothers, and seniors.

"We are all united and coordinated because our objective is the same: build peace and wellbeing for all families in Baja California. We want to continue creating tools for you, the young people of today, so that you can build your dreams and achieve your goals, so that you can be the doctors, the governors, and the presidents of tomorrow," she concluded.

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