Claudia Sheinbaum presents first part of presidential cabinet

With some surprises, Mexico's next president confirmed the first 6 members of her upcoming presidential cabinet

Mexico's president-elect Claudia Sheinbaum recently confirmed the first 6 members of her presidential cabinet, who will be put in important positions such as "Foreign Affairs", "Economy, and "Science" among others.

During a brief event whose goal was to present the team that will be aiding her during her term, Sheinbaum thanked the professionals who accepted being part of the "second floor of the Fourth Transformation."

That is how 3 men and 3 women were announced, as they will help Claudia Sheinbaum during her presidency whose term will begin on October 1.

Here is the list of the names of each of the new members that will be part of this new cabinet as well as their positions:

Marcelo Ebrard - Secretary of the Economy

Juan Ramón de la Fuente - Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Alicia Bárcena - Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources

Rosaura Ruiz - Secretary of Science and Humanities

Ernestina Godoy - Judicial Council of the Presidency

Julio Berdegué - Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development

Ebrard, former Secretary of Foreign Affairs during most of the presidency of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (2018-2023) and an aspiring MORENA candidate for the presidency of Mexico, was one of the assigned members during this ceremony and said the following:

"We will keep our promises and always keep in mind: don't lie, don't steal, and don't trick the people of Mexico”, he told citizens, while showing that there are no problems between himself and Sheinbaum.

For her part, Alicia Bárcena, current head of Foreign Affairs, highlighted that this team's joint objective is to support not only economic growth, but to do it with justice and always take care of the wellbeing of people. She will continue working with the president, but this time as the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources.

Lastly, Claudia Sheinbaum announced that next Thursday she will reveal more members of her presidential cabinet, which will consist of 19 positions and the Legal Council.

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