Warning issued due to formation of new tropical cyclone in Mexico after landfall of tropical storm "Alberto"

CONAGUA has confirmed this

Mexico has had several natural disasters in the last few months from extreme heat waves to the current hurricane and storm season, which is affecting several states.

A new cyclone begins to form after "Alberto" makes landfall in Mexico

The National Commission of Water (CONAGUA) has confirmed the formation of a new potential tropical cyclone in Mexico's coasts, only a few hours after tropical storm "Alberto" made landfall.

According to information revealed, this potential tropical cyclone is currently to the southeast of the Yucatan Peninsula, with a 10% probability of cyclonic development in approximately 48 hours, and a 50% probability in 7 days.

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CONAGUA added that this potential cyclone is a low pressure zone that is located 395 kilometers to the southeast of Chetumal, Quintana Roo. If it is formed, it will become the 2nd tropical cyclone of this hurricane season.

This occurs after tropical storm Alberto has been making its way through several states and has caused floods, river overflows, and more.

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