Caesar Salad will celebrate 100 years of flavor in Tijuana

The 100th anniversary of this iconic dish will be celebrated on July 4

The Caesar salad is reaching100 years of being created in Tijuana and, to this day, there are cooks who have maintained this dish's recipe, which was created by Italian Caesar Cardini at Caesar's restaurant in this border city, alive.

Chef Javier Plascencia has been the one in charge of keeping this dish's tradition and legacy alive and to this day its recipe has been carefully respected. Agencia EFE was able to speak with this international renowned chef where he claimed that the members of his family are the "guardians of this recipe" which is a huge responsibility as they want to keep every detail intact.

He said the following:

It is a very important celebration for Tijuana. 100 years of one of the most important gastronomic dishes in the world, a Mexican recipe created here in Tijuana by a very Mexican Italian.

The salad's classic recipe

The dish's initial form is a lettuce that has been sliced and drenched in the main ingredients: garlic with anchovies and oil, Worcestershire sauce, apple vinegar, lime, pieces of toasted bread, and parmesan cheese.

The new version begins with a base of garlic, anchovies, and olive oil and then lime juice, apple vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, parmesan cheese, egg yolk, salt, and pepper. Then, pieces of dry baked bread and slices of lettuce are added.

Realities and myths of the Caesar salad

After a long 8-year investigation, specialist and historian José Fernando Escobedo de la Torre claimed that the salad was created on July 4, 1924 by Cardini who arrived in Tijuana in 1920 after prohibition was enacted in the US.

A myth about this salad is that it was created spontaneously when the dish was allegedly created by the few products that remained. However, Caesar's daughter, Rosa Cardini, rejected this saying that his father did not improvise, and he was a specialist chef that created the salad consciously.

This and more stories have been revealed in a book published by Larousse where the first half will address the history of the salad and the second half will show the different recipes of this salad around the world. This book will be released on July 5 to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

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