State government will investigate SAT BC officials due to Saldos KOKO case

Authorities have called for a meeting to thoroughly analyze the alleged faults carried out by SAT agents

The state government led by Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda has begun an investigation after a report was made due to the unprofessionalism by agents of Tax Administration Services (SAT) of Baja California.

This occurred after an operation was carried out at the "Saldos KOKO" shop located in Colonia Libertad in Tijuana. Alejandra, owner of this affected business, publicly reported that agents did not properly identify themselves during the inspection and that there were alleged inconsistencies such an alleged case of harassment and extortion.

The mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero, made a statement yesterday afternoon on June 27, claiming that she informed Governor Marina del Pilar about this situation.

Moments later, she shared on social media the statement by the Secretary of the Interior of Baja California, Alfredo Álvarez Cárdenas, who confirmed that the governor personally requested the state government's intervention to clear up the facts.

"The governor asked us to intervene and we are carrying out the case's investigation to determine the elements to see whether there is or isn’t liability (...) we have called for a work meeting to analyze the specific case due to alleged faults and reports from her regarding these SAT agents," Álvarez said.

The secretary said that from a legal point of view, there were reasons for the inspection, but recognized why citizens are bothered due to the way in which this operation was carried out.

He said that even though there are methods such as the anonymous buyer visit for inspection, it is always essential that there is a specific court order and that agents identify themselves correctly to prevent any kind of constitutional right violation.

What happened at Saldos KOKO?

The incident took place last Wednesday, June 26, when the owner of "Saldos KOKO", Alejandra, publicly posted on social media the alleged inappropriate treatment she received by SAT BC.

According to her statement, agents did not identify themselves when they entered the establishment and did not respond to requests to do so. Alejandra even accused SAT BC of stopping clients after they finished shopping in order to intimidate them, and she showed her inspection certificate which, as she points out, was neither signed nor sealed.

The situation has created discontent among the community and has gone viral nationwide. State authorities' attention right now is focused on clearing up the facts and determine liability.

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