Mayor of Tijuana, Montserrat Caballero, gathered more than 45,000 people at the LGBTTTQA+ Pride March

Paulina Rubio also performed at Arco del Reloj Monumental in Avenida Revolución

The Municipal Administration of Tijuana, led by mayor Montserrat Caballero Ramírez, managed to gather more than 45,000 people at the Pride March, where the LGBTTTQA community marched.

Paulina Rubio also performed at Arco del Reloj Monumental in Avenida Revolución and the Golden Girl demonstrated why she was honored as the Godmother of Pride on this very special day in which love transcends age, gender, and borders.

On this very special day, besides having her birthday, the mayor was crowned by activists with the queen emblem due to how she exercised human rights and gave visibility to the diversity of Baja California.

The mayor claimed that this concert showed that inclusion is not an option but a right "because we all deserve love and respect no matter who we love, because minorities become the majority," she said.

In Tijuana, the mayor showed that tolerance builds bridges towards a world without discrimination as the community has always embraced her.

"I embrace the community because the community embraced me and I know that when I need them they will answer my call. I am going to them soon, because injustice is coming to my door and I am going to need them and I know that they are going to be with me," she underscored.

The 2024 Pride March and Concert exceeded the number of attendants in 2023 as it managed to gather more than 45,000 people.

This march began at 5 PM in 1st Street and Avenida Mutualismo in Downtown Tijuana, and then went through 5 de Mayo to 2nd Street, and then down through Avenida Francisco I. Madero and then continued to 9th Street and up to Constitución, and finally came back to 2nd Street.

At this march, flags with rainbow colors were waved, there were vehicles with multicolored decorations and there were 33 trailers with platforms where several different participants joined the spectators.


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