Ismael Burgueño will transform Tijuana through sports, art, culture, and binational relations

Ismael Burgueño spoke with San Diego Red to offer a vision about the paths that we will see in the new municipal administration

After a 45-day campaign, the mayor-elect of Tijuana, Ismael Burgueño, spoke with San Diego Red to offer his vision about the paths that we will see in the new municipal administration. We'll tell you about the plans and projects of this new phase.

Almost half a million votes gave Burgueño, who is a member of the National Regeneration Movement (MORENA) party, the victory. He considered this result as a proof of the trust that Tijuana has in the project of the Fourth Transformation and he is committed to not disappoint Tijuana natives.

Denitza García interviewed Burgueño about the significance of being a humanist and how this approach will be key for their government. The mayor-elect plans a government based on the comprehensive development of human beings from childhood through culture, art, and sports. He wants to motivate children to integrate into society.

Culture and green areas for a prosperous Tijuana

For Burgueño it is essential that children have spaces for recreational activities, which is why he is planning to invest in parks, green areas, and murals that highlight Tijuana's local talent. "Tijuana is very rich in culture, but it has to be expressed," he said.

To speak about a humanist government is to implement a permanent program that makes it clear that the cleanest city is not the one that is cleaned the most, but the one that gets dirty the least.

The mayor-elect claims that he will make the best decisions, not only for himself, but together with citizens, creating work councils and business consultation councils. "I need all of their voices," he said.

Burgueño said that voters' support represents a commitment, which is why he has not rested and believes he won't in the future as he wants to give results from the very first day.

Binational issues

One of the issues that has created concern among the authorities of Tijuana and San Diego is water pollution. Ismael Burgueño met with the mayor of Imperial Beach, Paloma Aguirre, to search for a solution to this problem that has affected binational society for decades.

Ismael Burgueño alongside Paloma Aguirre, mayor of Imperial Beach
Ismael Burgueño alongside Paloma Aguirre, mayor of Imperial Beach

The mayor-elect congratulated the government of Marina del Pilar for her efforts to resolve this situation, which will aid a first-rate pier project. "We have a lot of things to offer in Tijuana... we have the best gastronomy nationwide."

Burgueño believes that improving infrastructure in the city is essential to attracting more tourism to the region. "Transformation in all sense... working together as a team." He said that the most important thing is to be clear on the priorities that the city needs.

For Ismael Burgueño, this issue is very important as he thinks that investing in a city with clean and safe infrastructure is indispensable. Tijuana not only has gastronomic tourism, but also medical tourism. A city with these conditions is more attractive for foreign investment.

In addition, they spoke about the opportunities that Tijuana’s border position offers such as international student exchanges and international tournaments. "It will be a very pretty relationship," he said about his plans with the mayors of the San Diego area.

Not only will he maintain constant communication with the mayors of San Diego, but he has also spoken with Nora Vargas, Chairwoman of the Board of Supervisors of San Diego, to talk about proposals to improve air quality and cultural activities between both regions.

Mayor-elect Ismael Burgueño accompanied by Nora Vargas, Chairwoman of the Board of Supervisors of San Diego.
Mayor-elect Ismael Burgueño accompanied by Nora Vargas, Chairwoman of the Board of Supervisors of San Diego.

An important issue for Tijuana is migration from the United States due to the more affordable rents in the Mexican border city. This phenomenon has made rents more expensive in certain areas, which is why Burgueño has a plan so that citizens can buy their own homes. This program will allow tenants in this program to buy their own homes taking into account the rent they have paid.

Prevention through art, sports, and culture

Prevention is key for Burgueño who was a teacher and who understands the importance of guiding the youth. "The preventive issue begins at a young age, through art, sports, and culture," he emphasized. He believes that young people have been abandoned in the past, but with this focus they will receive the attention they deserve.


Burgueño plans to implement smart traffic light technology, big infrastructure projects, overpasses, and improvements to public transportation. He praised the work by Governor Marina del Pilar, considering her the best governor in the history of Baja California.

Regarding the opposition, the mayor-elect said: "Every project that benefits people must be applied," regardless of political views. He will govern for everyone and will listen to proposals that help the community of Tijuana.

Burgueño claims that he has an excellent relation with the governor of Baja California and the next president of Mexico which will make the implementation of projects to improve the city much easier.

For a complete understanding of the vision and proposals by the future mayor of Tijuana, don't miss his exclusive interview with San Diego Red. Here you'll be able to watch the complete video and discover how Ismael Burgueño plans to transform the city through sports, art, culture, and binational relations.


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