Commemorative book celebrating the 100 years of the Caesar Salad has been published

This book's goal is to honor the tradition of the iconic salad created in Tijuana, Baja California

We are only a few hours away from the 100th anniversary of the Caesar salad, the iconic dish created in Tijuana, Baja California in 1924 by Italian Caesar Cardini at Caesar's restaurant, located in the downtown of this border city.

Due to the fame that this dish has acquired in the last few decades, a bilingual book will be published on July 5, 2024 to celebrate its creation. This book will have a documented history about its invention, its adaptations, and the variants it has had throughout history. In addition, it will include the current recipe used at Caesar's Restaurant and 27 recipes from several different national and internationally renowned chefs.

This book is published by Larousse Cocina and began as initiative by Claudio Poblete Ritschel, a journalist, gastronomic investigator, and founder of the first media outlet specialized in Mexican gastronomy.

Poblete Ritschel claims that during his almost 10-year investigation he realized that the Caesar salad is an icon in the hotel world when it comes to room service. He said:

Conrad Hilton introduced it on his room service menu in his hotel chain and after that, other hotels did the same. It is a successful recipe because it is easy to standardize, it is on par with the club sandwich.

In addition, another fact that this book highlights is that as it is the most important and replicated salad in the world, its dressing is the most commercialized worldwide.

We had a task where friends and colleagues brought us dressing versions from the supermarket. We received around 50 samples from countries we never even imagined.

On the website of El Librero Larousse, one can purchase the book for $729 pesos. It is 248 pages long and it is suggested for people 18 years of age or older.

Click here to purchase your book!

Festival of the 100th Anniversary of the Caesar salad

This celebration will take place on Avenida Revolución from July 4 to July 7, 2024 and it will be a meeting point for all fans of this iconic salad. This culinary festival is looking to honor this dish's tradition and delight all of visitors’ senses.

One of the most significant moments of this festival will be the gala dinner on Friday, July 5 where clients will have the chance to enjoy an exceptional culinary experience with an 8-course meal prepared by talented local, national, and international chefs.

The goal of this event beyond celebrating the history of this dish is to allocate all earnings to Tijuana Sin Hambre, a noble cause dedicated to fighting food insecurity in our region.

  • Date and location: from July 4 to July 7, 2024 in Ave. Revolución between 4ta y 5ta, Tijuana.
  • Ticket sale: tickets are available on the Eventbrite platform. Tickets will also be available in the following restaurants: Caesar's, Casa Plasencia, Villa Saverios, and Café Saverios.
  • More information: check out to learn more information about this festival and its participants.

VIDEO: 100 years of the Caesar Salad


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