The Other World takes over Tijuana! Coffee shop opens themed area inspired by Coraline

This place promises to have a delicious menu and impressive decoration that will make your visit a memorable one

Néktar Coffee has not stopped surprising its clients, thanks to its interesting, themed areas. On this occasion, they have brought "The Other World" from Coraline as part of its coffee experience.

This café located in Playas de Tijuana has transformed itself into a stage that pays tribute to this iconic animated movie, with decoration that captures the essence of the fantastic and dark world created by Neil Gaiman and Studio Laika.

Néktar Coffee promises a memorable experience for all of its visitors. Walls will be decorated with details that will bring forth unforgettable scenes from the movie and the illumination will make you travel to the Coraline universe. These themed decorations are designed so that visitors can take amazing photos and enjoy their visit.

Themed menu

This coffee shop offers a diverse menu that includes breakfast options such as chilaquiles, chicken, and waffles, perfect to satisfy any cravings during the day.

In addition, as part of this themed experience, they are also offering 3 seasonal specialties:

  • Other World Latte: Immerse yourself in another dimension with this delicious taro latte, decorated with cold raspberry foam. Hot or iced, it costs $105 pesos.
  • Matchalina: Inspired by Coraline's trench coat, this iced matcha latte with cold hazelnut foam costs $122 pesos.
  • Beldam Cake: For those who love desserts, you need to try this tres leches cake with nut icing whipped cream, with a couple of button eyes. It costs $130 pesos.

If you wish to learn more about the special events, promotions, and updates of this coffee shop, follow Néktar Coffee on their social media pages:
Instagram: @nektarcoffee
Facebook: /nektarplayas

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