Marina del Pilar administration benefits more than 1.5 million Tijuana natives with public works and projects

From 2021 to the present, more than 2,2 billion pesos have been invested in 15 projects whose goal is to transform urban mobility in Tijuana

Keeping her promise of promoting social development and wellbeing regarding the mobility of Baja Californians, Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda announced progress on infrastructure public works and projects that will benefit more than half a million people in the municipality of Tijuana.

During her Wednesday Morning Press Conference, state governor Marina del Pilar said that since the beginning of her administration she wanted to focus her attention on citizens' requests to address one of their main demands: paving of streets and road infrastructure through the Secretariat of Infrastructure and the Urbanization Board.

With these actions, the governor stated, they are working to address the abandonment that had affected Baja California for so long. As such, they are using the budget in an honest and efficient manner, based on the principles followed by the Fourth Transformation: don't steal, don't lie.

"With one of our main programs called RESPIRA we have as a goal not only to reduce traffic, but also reduce pollution and expenses for public transportation users. These material aspects are important not just by themselves, because the grand purpose of our work is to connect citizens who live and work in our city's most remote areas with the rest of the population," she said.

In just two and half years, three key projects were finished in the municipality of Tijuana: the Casablanca Corredor Tijuana Rosarito 2000 bridge; the Alamar Terán Terán Road Node; and the first stage of Esperanto Park. In the latter case, this park has become a pleasant area for people who come here to enjoy their weekends, she added.

In addition, Governor Marina del Pilar revealed that, regarding infrastructure matters, 2.229 billion pesos were invested in Tijuana from 2021 to 2024. These resources have been allocated to 15 projects of great significance such as the RESPIRA projects, Pavimentación para el Bienestar, and the construction of the Eastern Zone General Hospital, benefitting more than 1 and a half million people.

"We will begin a stronger coordination with municipal administrations during this new government phase that will allow for higher impact on all projects that the federal government, the state government, and the municipal administrations are doing right now,” she concluded.

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