The coveted Hispanic vote in San Diego

The Latino community is urged to register to vote next November

Hispanics make up the 18.3 percent of the current electoral roll in San Diego according to data by the County's Registrar of Voters.

San Diego has the second biggest number of voters in California with 1.5 million of registered citizens, surpassed only by Los Angeles.

This last Tuesday, on the occasion of the National Voter Registration Day in the United States, information campaigns were launched throughout the area urging the Latin community to enroll and take part in the December 06 elections.

It is no secret that the Hispanic vote has been one of the most sought after by candidates running this year.

According to data by the Election Offices in San Diego, most of the Latino voters listed until September have signed up for the Democratic Party with 47.1 percent, while 21.2 percent are registered for the Republicans. On the other hand, a 27.6 percent has enrolled as "nonpartisan."

San Diego, Chula Vista, Escondido, Oceanside and National City have the highest number of registered voters in that order.

The more talked about electoral proposals in the Latino community are immigration, employment, education and health, explained Carmen Lopez, spokesperson of the San Diego County Registry of Voters.

Up until now there are 266,737 Hispanics registered, a higher number than that of the last federal elections four years ago around this enrolling period.

Less than a month before the registration ends, local authorities urge the community to sign up through mail or at the Ruffin Road offices, in San Diego.

For the first time, and after a state law was passed a week ago, California residents will be able to fill their registration form through the internet. To do so, people have to visit the California Secretary of State website.

"We have to set a date and do it, and also invite all of our children turning 18 to do so; it's their future," said Lopez.

Regarding that last part, she mentioned data showing that the 51 percent of public university students in California are of Hispanic descent.

In addition to the President of the United States, next November 06 San Diego will choose officials like congressmen, assembly members, majors, City Councilor for the District 1 and a Supervisor for District 3 among others as well as dozens of local and state initiatives.

San Diego will pick its new major out of Congressman Bob Filner for the Democratic Party and Official Carl DeMaio for the Republican Party.

According to a survey made public this Tuesday by the local ABC network, Filner is ahead of DeMaio 50 percent to 38 percent, with 12 percent of the voters still undecided.

Congressmen Filner is the favorite for the Latin community with a 53 percent against the 37 percent his rival DeMaio has.

October 22 is the last day to register to vote in the upcoming elections.



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