North Korea sends a message to Mexico

The situation right now is critical

This is a letter in regards to Mexico that was written by Alejandro Cao de Benos, Foreign Minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. And is a statement that comes after North Korea officially declared "War" against South Korea and the United States.


In the letter it says:

"Dear friends,

First I would like to send a greeting on behalf of the Korean people, to those who support our cause and just struggle to maintain the sovereignty and socialist construction in the Republic of Korea.

The situation right now is critical. The United States has deployed its aircraft carriers, bombers and nuclear submarines right to the border between North and South, with the objective of taking over and launching an attack at any time on the nation.

The Korean Army, the Worker-Peasant Red Guards, students, and the population at large under the direction of their leader Kim Jong Un, is prepared to attack the imperialist aggressors and hit them where it hurts most by destroying their military bases in Asia and in the U.S.

We want that the union and socialist achievements of the Korean people to serve you all as inspiration, and to strengthen your defense to a just and a fairer world without empires, for human dignity and the right of people to decide on their own fate. It is precisely this ideological union of the Korean people that makes this their most powerful and invincible weapon. When the masses are fighting together, there is nothing that can stop them.

Hoping to expand and develop the friendship between Mexico and DPR of Korea. We count on their camaraderie forever.

Greetings to all revolutionaries,

Alejandro Cao de Benos

Special Delegate Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries

Government of the DPR of Korea."

This statement was published on the official website of the Communist Party of Mexico.

Meanwhile, the world remains on alert to this major threat, because North Korea has already conducted three nuclear tests and has admitted that they were all as part of the preparations to face South Korea and the United States.


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