Sonora, the first Mexican state to ban bullfighting

More than 70% of Mexicans are against it

The Mexican state of Sonora, this week became the first state in the country to ban bullfighting after the approval of a law against cruelty to animals, however, cockfighting is still not banned because its popularity.

"It caused quite a stir because we are the first state in the country to pass this law. I really did not expect it, and I say this with all honesty, I didn’t know how the national and international reaction and impact it was going to have," said Local congressman of Mexico’s Green Party (PVEM), Vernon Perez Rubio.

On the radio station Formato 21, Perez welcomed the decision taken last May 2 by the Congress of Sonora, who unanimously voted for the approval of the Law for the Protection of Animals.

"It is a law that contains 72 articles, all very important for the coexistence between animals and humans," added the coordinator of the Green Party (PVEM).

This political party also said in a statement that the law "not only prohibits bullfighting", but "also protects other domestic animals."

Based on several surveys, the Green Party also believes that "clearly more than 70% of Mexicans are against the continuation of bullfighting in the country."

The protest against bullfighting came about two years ago in Sonora, when an event was held before 18,200 people in a stadium for a ban of these events, explained Perez.

This new legislation that is supported by five civil social organizations has sparked some criticism, because on one hand it prohibits the abused, martyred, mutilation, abandonment, and deliberate killing of domestic animals with penalties that range from "fines" to "arrests ", but it excludes cockfighting.


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