Twitter users are asking for TV host Laura Bozzo to leave Mexico

She called "minimum wage earners" to those who criticized her for making use of state property helicopters to film her show

The news about the fact that peruvian TV host, Laura Bozzo, was making use of public resources to mount a very "theatrical" piece for her show, caused a lot of discontent among the mexican population on the internet.

It was specifically on Twitter, where one of the trending topics was #FueraLauraBozzoDeMexico (Get out of Mexico Laura Bozzo) accompanied by messages from users who stated their disapproval and even went as far as to ask the host to go back to Peru, her native country . According to the news site "Sin Embargo", this hashtag was being tweeted at around 2 thousand times per hour.

Bozzo, in a fit of rage, made a statement where she said that all of those who are criticizing her are all paid to say that, and she feels disgust for them, calling them "minimum wage earners". Before that she asked that they didn't turned her "act of good faith" into something political, which according to her, she had televised specifically to create public awareness of how bad the situation really is, believing that the public is more easily swayed by public figures from show business, and she just wanted that people joined the rescue efforts.

On the other hand, one of the more notable figures who disapproves of Laura's performance was the mayor of Coyuca de Benitez in the State of Guerrero, Ramiro Avila Morales, who shared an article from the magazine Proceso where he accused the TV host Laura Bozzo of "Using helicopters which are government property to mount 'TV drama'".

The politician also added a statement where he expressed his indignation and took the opportunity to denounce the celebrity's "immorality":

"I join the public's indignation on this immoral act that this unscrupulous character performed, she took advantage of a city's grief, the last thing we need is a media circus. I'm deeply sorry to have been surprised by the aforementioned Laura Bozzo, given that I went to receive her at the soccer stadium believing she was bringing support for the victims, but when I realized that it was really about her show, I immediately left the place" Avila Morales expressed, adding that the helicopter should have been used to benefit over 30 communities that are without communication because of the disasters the storms caused.

The blonde TV host is furious by the public's statements of the public whom she thought "loved her" as she has mentioned on several occasions during her show, has responded to the politician by calling him a liar and saying that she will prove that she actually helped and not just went to stage a show.

The blonde television host, furious at statements made by the online social media community in Mexico (whom she thought "loved her", as stated by Bozzo several times on her show), responded to the politican by calling him a "liar" and that she will prove she indeed helped, and not just went in to stage another of her show's episodes.

What do you think of Laura Bozzo's intentions?


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