Hollywood has its sights set on the Latin audience

Movies like "The Noble family" and "Instructions not included" are making the industry take notice

A Latin in a Hollywood movie is almost always playing the same role, a gardener, some kind of criminal, drug dealer, cook or something similar. But in the recent years the number of Latinos in the United state population is rising, especially in California, were it has risen and reached the point of establishing itself as a part of the middle and upper class, making the perception of Latinos in the Hollywood something quite different. Now that the market has changed, Hollywood is taking notice, bringing the Latin audience more of the movies they want to see.

The family comedy "Instructions not Included" from Eugenio Derbéz, surprised the whole world when it became a box office blockbuster in the United States last month, becoming one of the highest grossing movies in Spanish of all time. ($10.4 million dollars on opening weekend). After that came "Pulling strings", the story of a mariachi in Mexico City trying to get to his daughter in Arizona, which takes him and a woman working in the United States Embassy on a wild adventure. It has risen $2.5 million dollars so far.

Also taking into account that "The Noble family" is about to premiere in the United States on November 1st, a movie which has become one of the highest grossing movies in Mexico of all time. Experts in the industry have published different articles in regard to this phenomenon, and they all agree that this is the beginning of a new movement in cinema in the United States, where we will be seeing movies in two languages which will reflect the reality of this sector of the population.

With the fact that for years Mexican directors have worked non-stop to break into the industry and adapting the Hollywood model in order to make movies which are far more universal, (speaking of course of three of the biggest names being Cuarón, del Toro and Gonzalez Iñárritu), latin cinema seems to be sailing at full speed. Movie production companies like Pantaleon, born of an association between Lionsgate and Televisa are forging a new path for this type of Latin American cinema in Hollywood.

VIDEO: "The Noble family"




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