Israeli entrepreneurs get a taste of business on the border

They explore the many development opportunities in San Diego and Tijuana

Closing the event was Ramón Toledo, President of Busca Corp; and Alan Sánchez, Project Manager for 3D Robotics, who shared their experiences with creating and developing cross-border businesses.

Ramón Toledo noted that in his case, he opted to take advantage of technological development in the region, employing programing and design specialist for creating virtual solutions, setting out to build unique content management systems. He also stressed that there have been many obstacles and an important dose of patience and persistence involved, making him into what he is today.

Ramón Toledo
Ramón Toledo

Busca Corp began as one of the first national startup projects in Mexico, and today in present in the United States, Mexico, Chile and Colombia, besides also having alliances with Msn, Yahoo and Blockbuster (in Mexico and online, where it is still successful). Its own developed websites, Level Up, Tarreo, Metatube, and SanDiegoRed have become international models for identifying this border's qualities. Its closeness with Silicon Valley has made it possible for the company to offer excellent teachers for developing software and other tech, having also outreach programs with the best universities in the state, like CETYS and UABC, offering students an experience to best practice their knowledge in.

He stated that foreign, preconceived notions of what a Mexican could do have been left behind. Use a compute? Tijuana as a international symbol for violence? On the contrary he says, Tijuana as one of the great innovation leaders for the region and the world.

Alan Sánchez
Alan Sánchez

For his part, Alan Sánchez added his experience to the idea of using the best of Mexico and the United States, when talking about the creation of "3D Robotics", an company that produces personal drones and also talked a bit about the history of their founder, Jordi Muñoz.

Everything began with his garage, a market that offers low cost programable gears, similarities between an iPhone, a Nintendo Wii and a helicopter.

After Muñoz experimented with coding a software to control a small helicopter, he repeated the model with the help of Chris Anderson, former editor of Wired Magazine, and acquired resources in order to increase productivity. The demand was so great that they had to move into a larges space, hire a design, mechanical and manufacturing team to cover the market needs.

Even though they still have to struggle with the distorded concept of what a drone does, Alan Sánchez showed some of their devices that could be of great help to society.

Some drones have the capacity to access hard-to-reach places, with an integrated camera can be of great use for construction areas, agriculture, movie and television filming, public safety and rescue operations. 3D Robotics offers consumers their drones pre-assembled or in pieces for personalizing.

Also, its use of open source software has been a doorway for some of the best programers in the world to improve their products and keeping them at the forefront.

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