Binational Airport Bridge Almost 80% Complete

Studies underway to estimate date of completion

TIJUANA.- The binational bridge that will connect Tijuana's Airport terminal with a terminal north of the border is now between seventy and eighty percent complete, according to members of the Economic Development Commision of Tijuana (CDT).

Binational Terminal.
Binational Terminal.

The bridge will fulfill two purposes, that of a pedestrian bridge to cross the border — including customs facilities for both countries— and a connection between Tijuana's airport and the U.S. terminal.

How the finished bridge will look like.
How the finished bridge will look like.

Named the Gateway to the Americas on the Mexican side, and Cross Border Xpress on the U.S. side, the bridge is a private initiative with a cost of 120 million dollars, that will connect to a passenger terminal just north of the border with the Tijuana's international airport, so that travellers can avoid driving through the city just to cross the border, or just to get to the airport.

The bridge itself will cost 180 million pesos, and is expected to conclude the end of September of this month, although it will not be in operation until the U.S. portion is complete, which just broke ground a month ago.

Project renders, from forum user Anak-tij and the San Diego Metro.

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