VIDEO| Mexican Wreslter Dies After Match In Tijuana

Hijo del Perro Aguayo passed away after his match with Rey Mysterio

TIJUANA.- Contact sports, like any other sports, have risks. Even so, it hurts a little bit more when something that you don't expect happens. Tijuana and the world of wrestling are grieving the loss of Pedro Aguayo Ramírez, kwon in the ring as "Hijo del Perro Aguayo", who passed away after his match last night in the city.

As scheduled, it was just one more match, special, but friendly in order to welcome back Rey Mysterio to Mexico, who was considered a rival to Aguayo Ramírez. Nevertheless, he always spoke very highly of him and with honor, as he did on his last interview.

Willing to make Tijuana roar as it was his custom, the city embraced him as usual, and having stepped off the ring after giving it all, fate decided to pull the plunge making him say goodbye to what he loved the most, turning him today in a Lucha Libre legend.

His cause of death was a cervical trauma caused by a kicked he received; the wrestler lost consciousness and never recovered. He passed away among the firsts hours of March 21st.

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