Lady Gaga Walks Around Half Naked In London

The singer visited a bar in the city and her attire left everyone with their mouths open

ENGLAND.- Lady Gaga decided to do what many students do during class when the teacher doesn't show up, and went for some drinks at the nearest bar. Well, at least that's what we heard students do. Regardless the reasons she was there, the interpret of 'Poker Face', always loyal to her unusual way of dressing, shocked everyone in a British bar when they saw her wardrobe.

Gaga arrived to one of England's most prestigious night clubs wearing a pair of raggedy fishnets, underwear and a black bodice, displaying her breasts which were covered with sparkly nipple pasties and a leather jacket.

Originally, Lady Gaga was supposed to give a show in London alongside Tony Bennett, but the latter got sick and wasn't able to perform, which is why the singer decided to have a night out in the town. Of course, she couldn't do it without leaving everyone with their mouths open.

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