Mexico Will Have Their First Lunar Mission

With the help of Astrobotic Technology

MEXICO.- For the first time, a Mexican team will arrive at the moon to fulfill a mission, thanks to an agreement between the Mexican Space Agency and Astrobotic Technology, a facilitator company.

This announcement was released yesterday through the Pittsburgh Post Gazzette, where it was confirmed that the first Mexican team will be send on a lunar mission, although for the moment, neither the materials nor objects that Mexico will provide to the project have been revealed.

If so, Mexico would be the first Latin American country to achieve such an accomplishment, which is scheduled to be ready by fall season.

Rover explorer. Image: Astrobotic Technology
Rover explorer. Image: Astrobotic Technology

Astrobotic Technology was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2008. The company started gaining recognition after their participation at

the Google Luna X Prize, a contest thats seeks out new talents and support technological development design for lunar exploration.

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