Financial fascism explodes against the rule of law

Social security for same-sex couples, reduction in excessive salary of public officials, legalization of marijuana… the parliamentary adviser Fernando Chacón makes a remark in this text (which is the first of three parts) a profound transformation in legislative work in Mexico: with MORENA we are turning to the left. With this text, Fernando begins a weekly column in San Diego Red

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The Senate of the Republic is creating initiatives that involve substantial changes in Mexican law, which has been characterized by a neoliberal bias that, over the past 20 years, has generated inequalities in the population.

However, upon the arrival of the caucus of MORENA to the LXIV legislature, a shift to the left is starting in the ideological spectrum of law, which is being tailored with democratic threads, by virtue of the unanimous approval of the opinion of reforms to guarantee the right to social security of same-sex couples; also, with the reduction in high salaries of public officials, as well as the law presentation for the legalization for medical cannabis and, of course, the ratification of ILO agreements for the protection of miners.

Surely, each and every one of these acts has set an antagonistic frontier between those who are in favor of social rights and those who are against it.

Not surprisingly, the initiative that has resonated with the country the most is the proposed decree of the Law for Transparency and Ordering of Financial Services presented by Senator Bertha Caraveo and signed by Senator Ricardo Monreal, who intend to add a series of assumptions that prohibit the uncontrolled collection of fees by banks.

Thus, the stock market, which is untouchable (until now), fell resoundingly. Sooner or later, AMLO came out to calm the financial sector stating that, will not promote policies of this type during the first three years of his government. Likewise, it recognized the independence of the Legislative Power in the balancing game that emanates from any constitutional democracy.

On the other hand, Senator Monreal confirmed that the initiative will follow its normal course in an autonomous, original and independent way, as all the initiatives that the its members consider relevant for the national interest and the greatest benefit for the population. But not before listening to the interested parties in the proposal, same way in which the Senator Caraveo supports the initiative.

As expected, the spokespersons of neoliberalism objected to the presentation of the initiative under a false logic of temporality, reporting a bad handling of the political timing in the presentation of the same, due to the democratic air left by the recent NAIM airport and the sensitivity that this left to the financial sector. However, there is no objection in a country that has always moved at the pace dictated by the markets and how it is always in its favor.

In that sense, if we want to sustain the premise of the National Project, "first the poor", we must put aside the premise of "the bankers first; because the profound changes that Mexico needs deeply. The hegemonic sense (which is agonizing) always came first, since they are always the ones that prevent the reform.


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