Ensenada Is Mexico's Second Most Popular Destination for Cruise Ships

It has become Mexico’s most popular destination within the Pacific region, receiving 39% of all passengers.

Ensenada, Baja California’s biggest port town, has consolidated its place as the second biggest destination for cruise ships in Mexico, turning into the main focus for the country’s Pacific coast region, receiving a 39% of all passengers.

Ensenada’s port is one of the biggest hubs for Mexico’s maritime commerce by being an entry point into the Pacific Rim, and has great potential for establishing commercial relations with the U.S. East Coast, as well as Asian countries like Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

On June 2015, it became the first Mexican port to obtain the Port Environmental Review System (PERS) certification, signaling it as a green port and recognized by Lloyd eco-ports record.

It is for these reasons that Ensenada is one of the most important logistic options in the State of Baja California because of its location; every urban tourist destination is located less than 200 miles away from the port: Los Angeles and Long Beach in the San Pedro Bay and San Diego’s Port.

Ensenada’s cruise ship terminal is equipped with state-of-the-art services and systems that allow for the passengers’ absolute comfort: Docking, berthing, 24/7 security and PBIP code compatibility, scanner system for passenger and cargo inspection, water treatment, pest control, waste collection, conveyor belt and lift truck services. The agency has 6 tourism operators and tourist transportation available with routes that cover diverse cultural and tourist attractions. Wi-Fi will soon be available as well.

Ensenada – Sauzal – Costa Azul’s Port System is a cluster of regional, multi-purpose ports that attends a user base of industrial, agricultural and commercial companies of Baja California, Sonora and Baja California Sur.

Touristic offers and new tours

Ensenada offers 24 tourist-targeted products for cruise ship passengers through 6 touristic operators, with the potential to develop additional tours.

Investment projects

Port Administration, starting on 2015, has so far invested $76.6 million in the following infrastructural developments: Paving the coastline, installing an acoustical shell, interactive fountains and a new footbridge.

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Translated by axel.alcala@sandiegored.com


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