Number of San Diegans Moving to Tijuana Continues to Grow

Not just because of the lower rent, but because of the culture, the food, the lifestyle.

San Diegans moving into Tijuana are steadily becoming a trend. The U.S. demand for housing has grown in such a way that the real estate sector has registered a 20% spike in business.

"They like Tijuana's vibrant scene and culture, the food, craft beer, wine. It's not necessarily an economic decision only. It also becomes a lifestyle", said Genaro Valladolid, real estate agent for the Bustamante Realty Group, a Mexican firm, to CW6.

Meanwhile, real estate agents in the U.S. are taking notes from this wave of house-buying Americans that are changing Tijuana's infrastructure.

According to Valladolid, the benefits from residing in Tijuana for San Diegans is that living costs are more affordable due to the exchange rate, rent prices and other services which are higher over the border.

Currently, there are 20 apartment complexes being built in Tijuana's downtown, the Zona Centro area. Real estate representatives say that most people looking for living spaces in that particular area are residents of San Diego.

Via CW6

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