Baja California

A Little Paradise in Baja Called San Felipe

Beautiful landscapes in front of the stunning Sea of Cortez captivates all visitors

San Felipe is located 186 miles away from the city of Tijuana (about 4 hours of road to the east and then south), and it stands out thanks to its beautiful desert landscapes and for their peaceful and warm waters.

With more than 25,000 residents and a floating population of just over five thousand -mainly foreign residents- San Felipe becomes the right city for a stay with the family, adding it to the long list of tourist attractions offered by Baja California.

From sunrise until dawn, landscapes become unique in San Felipe.

When you get to the port and settle in the sand, the feeling of being caressed by the calm and warm waters hit you while you stare at the immensity of the Sea of Cortez, which offers unique and endemic species, creating a particularly rich culinary culture.

The pleasant conditions of the city, its attractions, and the friendly treatment of its inhabitants make it a place of reference for thousands of tourists who flock to its waters mainly in peak seasons like Easter, but thanks to its special climate, it can be a place to visit anytime of the year.

Los Arcos monument at the entrance of the city.

Like any resort, San Felipe has all the services for all kinds of tourists, with the finest lodgings in its wide range of 16 hotels, and even for those families who want a closer contact with nature with the possibility of camping on the beach.

It's a great place for retirees, mostly Americans, as San Felipe offers just the right weather for those fleeing the intense cold of the North.

In San Felipe you can find a wide range of activities for the whole family, from luxury housing complexes, to rooms for rent with convenient prices, such as "Rancho El Dorado", which offers visitors a large golf course with first class facilities in its beachfront complex, an option to stay with all the commodities.

Rancho El Dorado offers rooms with a great golf course on the edge of the beach.

San Felipe is well-known for its fishing activity, and it offers a variety of seafood that merges with its great cuisine, from fish tacos to a wide range of styles of cocktails you definitely have to taste when you visit the seaport .

A delicious Campechano cocktail from the restaurant at Hotel Cortes.

Every year San Felipe welcomes thousands of visitors attracted not only by its beautiful beaches, but for the exclusive events happening at the port, such as the Shrimp Festival or the traditional Off Road Races of Baja 250.

There are other alternatives for intrepid adventurers, who can experience the speed of off-road vehicles, or also challenge heights on a trip with ultralight ride, where the whole city can be seen.

Enjoy the speed in San Felipe during the famous Baja Race Off Road 250

And if your thing is the contact with nature, the Valley of the Giants is the right place to visit. Colossal Cacti that are decades or hundreds of years-old, some of them estimated to have 200 years-old living in the middle of the desert landscape.

Cactus with more than 200 years-old

It is so easy to feel tiny next to these towering giants that have formed over time.

The nightlife of the city is made to party and make it last as long as you want, but if you are looking for tranquility, a walk on the renovated boardwalk at night will clear the mind to fall in love with this little paradise called San Felipe.

If you are looking to have a satisfying experience on your next visit to San Felipe, the Ministry of State Tourism invites you to see all the options offered by San Felipe on this page

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