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The United States’ manufacturing sector is no longer sustainable

The USA’s Manufacturers Association stated, “We are passionate about preserving employment for the US” and went on and on, but…

1.- The United States’ manufacturing sector is no longer sustainable.
2.- Fiscal policy puts us at a huge competitive disadvantage, so a huge amount of our companies establish their operations on tax havens, in order to preserve profits.
3.- There’s a clear need for skilled labor; a welder earns $35 USD per hour and the worst thing is that there are no welders available.
4.- Every year, more than 2 million jobs are lost due to a lack of skilled labor.
5.- The cost of the benefits and entitlements are unsustainable.
6.- Now, a quasi-political movement is calling for openness to immigration, in order to import skilled labor.
7.- The USA operates within an over-regulated system.
8.- Exports are vital for sustaining our economy, 95% of the global population is outside the USA, as well as 75% of the purchasing power.
9.- NAFTA adds 880,000 jobs a year. NAFTA is not our problem, but rather other absent bilateral agreements. – Mexico is characterized as being one of those countries that have such agreements that give a nation a certain set of privileges. Too bad they are not competitive enough for us to use them on their proper dimension.
10.- When questioned whether the move of assembling operations to Mexico is an action that adds or decreases jobs in the US, the answer is of course that it assists the competitiveness of our companies, but, at the same time, decreases any local employment opportunity (*which are expensive and scarce).

Baja California, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you take the obvious advantage already? If we are waiting for the Government to promote and fund us, well, let us continue waiting...... Continue reading article here

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