German companies urge Mexican environmental authorities to improve sustainable mobility

The strategy involves actions that promote electro-mobility

The Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources department in Mexico(SEMARNAT), Rafael Pacchiano Alaman, hosted the 2020 Agenda for Sustainability and Urban and Electrical Movement in Mexico, which includes proposals from leaders of the automobile industry, technology companies, government representatives, and academia in Mexico. These proposals were conclusions from the forum organized by the BMW Group and Siemens, in collaboration with the German Embassy in Mexico.

The strategy involves actions that promote electro-mobility, guarantee the automobile industry’s sustainability, incentivize complete urban mobility, in addition to focusing on intelligent solutions, indicated the president of BMW in Mexico and Latin America, Alexander W. Wher.

Oliver Knoerich, Director of the Economic and Global Affairs Section of the German Embassy, signaled that Mexico is on the right track and is building all the necessary instruments to support the transition towards low-emission growth. That is why the German Embassy is ready to continue this cooperation with Semarnat and BMW to build a sustainable future.

On his behalf, Pacchiano Alaman celebrated the participation of the private sector in the elaboration of proposals to combat climate change.

In addition, he indicated that the state of the world is calling for “immediate action.”

Regarding the proposal, he stated that soon “it would become a live document that would result in immediate and urgent actions,” which can be implemented.

The stand-out conclusions and proposals that make up the “2020 Agenda” are..... Continue reading article here

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