A new generation of business people takes on leadership roles for Canacintra delegations in Baja California

Actions that benefit local industry

To follow up on actions that benefit local industry, such as strengthening local suppliers and increasing the participation of small and medium sized companies in the productive supply chain are some of the focuses that Marcello Hinojosa Jimenez will give continuity to once he is sworn in as the president of Canacintra Tijuana for the 2018-2019 period.

During his speech, Hinojosa Jimenez said that the Procurement Promotion Law in Baja California, the Water Law and paving the industrial area have been key topics for Canacintra during their management period, which will be revalidated one more year by the business organism.

The industrial leader emphasized the recent approval of the Procurement Promotion Law in in local Congress, in Baja California, which will provide tax relief to maquiladoras that hire local suppliers. He commented that it is expected that once it is enacted this law will increase the integration of national industrial inputs to the maquiladora industry by 3%. As a result, there will be economic spillovers amounting to one trillion USD in the state. This amount would positively impact the Baja California economy as it would contribute to developing the internal market, generate more jobs and strengthen small and medium sized companies.

According to Marcello Hinojosa, 98% of raw material that are purchased by maquiladoras in Baja California come from outside; this is why the Procurement Promotion Law in Baja California is so important. The law was approved by local Congress and will allow reductions in municipal and state taxes. It is expected that the maquiladora industry will leave an economic spillover of at least one trillion dollars in the state.

On his behalf, the Delegation Vice-President of the National Canacintra, Mario Lozoya Diaz Velez, who was in charge of inaugurating the new board of directors, argued that it is necessary that the Mexican government answer to fiscal initiatives in the United States that reduce taxes to companies, as this would strengthen the country’s competitiveness.

The inauguration was led by Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum Buenrostro, Second Military Zone General Enrique Martinez, as well as authorities from the three government levels and the private sector.

Jose Eugenio Lagarde Amaya was sworn in as the new president of Canacintra Mexicali.

During the swearing-in ceremony of the Board of Directors for the 2018-2019 period, Lagarde Amaya stated that: “there is no formula to become more competitive, only teamwork and strategy will bring us to other competitive scenarios that will allow us to strengthen our region and attract more and better investment.”

“It is clear that political times and national and international uncertainty are approaching and when faced with this scenario, industry leaders must strengthen.... Continue reading article here

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