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A new option to fall asleep and forget about stress comes from technology. This is the most recent update of the ‘Calm’ app, a popular application that shows different methods to enter the world of meditation and mindfulness.

Considered the "happiest application in the world" by more than 200,000 people, 'Calm' seeks with its new version in Spanish to approach its Latin American users to offer them one more option to combat problems that are usually common.

Available in English, German and Spanish for Latin America, the new content includes 10 of Calm's best-rated dream stories, seven guided meditation programs covering topics such as sleep, concentration, happiness, stress management and a new Daily application Calm every day.

These types of tools have been more in demand in recent years, so that technology has been responsible for promoting them in new applications such as 'Calm', which comes to combat problems that according to data from the World Health Organization affect one of Every five Latin Americans.

Hundreds of hours of audio content that includes meditations, sleep stories, breathing exercises, nature scenes with music and much more, is what ‘Calm’ offers to those who download it on any of their devices.

‘Calm’ has 39 million downloads and is available in 196 countries. Users can download the application for free. It is also available to enjoy at home or outside on iOS and Android, Web, Tablet, Apple TV, Google Home and Sonos.

Source Forbes



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