Facebook may pay you for your personal data

Here is how it works

For some years, Facebook has become involved in great controversy because of the gathering of personal information from its users. Well, the company does not plan to change; In fact, they want to focus even more on that. The difference is that now you will get payed for it.

Through a publication on its official blog, Facebook presented Study, an application used to do market research that will be used to create more and better products and services. Those who download the app will have to give permission to gather information about the apps you have installed on your phone, the time you spend using them, data about your location, country and device, and information about what you do when you spend time on your smartphone. Facebook did not mention how much people who use Study will be paid, but said "all users will be rewarded."

You have to be over 18 to use the app and at the moment, this app is only available for the United States and India. However, Facebook mentioned that they plan to expand it to other markets soon. In addition, it is only available on Android, as iOS does not allow third parties to collect data from its users. The good news is that you will be constantly reminded that you are part of this program and you can leave whenever you want.

"Approaching market research responsibly is really important. Transparency and responsible management of people's information have guided the way we have created Study from Facebook. We plan to adopt this same approach in the future with other projects of market research that help us understand how people use different products and services, "said the company.

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