A Mexican company builds earthquake-resistant plastic houses

They recycle materials and help clean the environment

Unfortunately, plastic is one of the biggest environmental problems nowadays, it takes hundreds of years to disappear. But what would happen if we could take advantage of this plastic and turn it into something useful? One Mexican already did it, using it to build plates that are used to create tables, chairs and even houses.

Ramón Martín Espinosa Solís is the founder and general director of Ecoplástico Ambiental, a startup formed by young people of different profiles but with the same objective of creating new materials that help the environment. "Starting with small actions repeated daily with ecological and sustainable value, we have the opportunity to provide care for the environment by giving the possibility of a better and cleaner world to the next generations," says the description of the company. According to Intelligent Living, Ecoplástico Ambiental is responsible for the manufacture of innovative plastic-based plates that are the main component of its products. Your star product? Houses!

According to the information, these plastic plates do not require much maintenance and, due to the material they are made of, are resistant to the passage of time and wear. Thus, a house made of this material could last more than 100 years. In addition, houses are manufactured relatively quickly (3 to 4 weeks for a 50m2 house) and are up to 50% cheaper. Plastic is a material that insulates the temperature, so the interior is cooler even without air conditioning. And finally, because plastic is a flexible material, those are earthquake-resistant 'plastic' houses

"In this house there is no air conditioning, and the temperature difference with the outside is around six degrees Celsius. This is due to the insulating materials that cause a slow transmission of heat. Moreover, the bioclimatic architectural design allows cross ventilation, so the heat that the material transmits from the outside to the inside is eradicated, "said Espinosa Solís.

Apart from houses, Ecoplástico Ambiental also manufactures tables, chairs and benches, which are made up of the same magical plastic material. Apparently, this Mexican startup is doing very well, as several universities have spoken very well about them. You can read more information about Ecoplástico Ambiental, its products and what the experts think on its official website.

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