Mexico Cancer Treatment Centers Are the Answer for Patients Looking for Alternative Treatments

Mexico is the answer for many Americans diagnosed with cancer, learn why people are traveling for alternative treatments south of the border.

Being diagnosed with cancer is scary. Simply saying the word, cancer, strikes a chord of fear in us unlike anything else. For most of us, we immediately begin to think about everything all at once. How bad is it, we wonder. Will I have to undergo surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation? Will I lose my hair? Will I be sick all the time?

For some, the idea of going through traditional cancer treatments is overwhelming. It is also possible that traditional cancer treatments such as chemo and radiation will be too much for the body to handle because of other illnesses. Yet for others, they have tried traditional cancer treatments and such treatments have been ineffective. Are there alternatives to chemo and radiation? Yes, there are alternative cancer treatments.

If you aren’t already familiar with the idea of medical tourism, it is when you travel for medical purposes. Many people from around the world travel for medical help. But, did you know that millions of U.S. citizens travel to Mexico each year for various medical purposes? From dental work to pharmaceuticals, people cross the border for medical procedures at a fraction of the cost that it would be in the U.S.

Cancer treatment is a primary reason that people from the United States travel to Mexico. Since, cancer clinics in Mexico offer alternative and hollistic treatments that U.S doctors are unable to prescribe.

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Why Mexico for Alternative Cancer Treatments?

Is it possible to obtain alternative cancer treatments in the U.S.? Yes, it is, however, there are much fewer options available because the natural and holistic health practice is heavily regulated in the United States. Many people that search for alternative cancer treatments in Mexico have already undergone conventional treatments in the U.S.

If you’re wondering about the reputation of the clinics in Mexico, take a look at Tijuana cancer clinic reviews. Throughout the many, many 4+ star reviews, cancer survivors and their families talking of the incredibly wonderful and patient Doctors and staff. They talk about comprehensive, healing medical treatments that address not only the cancer itself, but also other illnesses of the patients.

What Types of Alternative Cancer Treatments are Available in Mexico?

There are many different types of alternative cancer treatments available in Mexico. Below are just a few of the most common and a brief description.

Hyperthermia, one of the most common forms of treatment, uses very high temperature to kill cancer cells and can shrink tumors. Many clinics offer both whole body and localized hyperthermia.

Cryo-ablation uses liquid nitrogen to create intense cold and destroy diseased tissue.

Laetrile Cancer Therapy (amygdalin) uses cyanide, derived from apricot seeds, to kill malignant cells.

Dendritic Cell Therapy involved infusing killer T cells through an IV to stimulate the body’s own defense, the immune system.

Insulin Potentiation Therapy, also called IPT, is when your glucose levels are lowered significantly creating “hungry” cancer cells. Then low dose chemo is combined with glucose so the cancer cells consume the medication.

It is important to consider your quality of life when thinking about cancer treatment possibilities. Many conventional cancer treatments have very harsh side effects. Cancer affects every person differently and the alternative medicine doctors in Mexico believe in treating people holistically, meaning as a whole. Many people understand that a part of beating cancer includes the patient's mental strength. The holistic, integrative approach to cancer treatment in Mexico focuses on not just your body, but also your mind and spirit. For some, that approach is needed as much as any other treatment.

Get in contact with a specialist and learn about Alternative Cancer Treatments in Tijuana, Mexico. Fill-out the contact form below or for an immediate consultation call: (619)333-6066

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