Testimonial from a Cancer Survivor Treated in Tijuana, Mexico

After about 8 weeks with the treatments at a facility in Tijuana, two of the smaller tumors are gone and the 37cm tumor that was taking over his life is now down to 3cm.

Peter Richardson was having significantly increasing pain in his stomach earlier in February. Following doctor’s orders for treating constipation, Peter took laxatives and pain killers for 5 months, but nothing was helping. When he went back to the doctor a second time they did a CT scan and found a large mass in his abdomen and gave him pain medication until they knew what it was. He was diagnosed on June 22nd with Stage 4 Small Cell Carcinoma.

He was giving pain medications to help him cope with the pain and help him sleep at night which he was unable to do due to the discomfort he was experiencing on a regular basis. He could not function and go to work. He started to give up on life and he mentioned that his personality changed, that he became an evil man and treated his wife poorly. He decided to travel to Tijuana, and his wife was the one pushing him in a wheelchair.

After traveling to Tijuana in Mexico to receive more medical help for about a week and having a PET scan, he discovered there were also two smaller tumors, one in his chest and one in his groin. The original, large tumor was now pushing against his kidney. After about 8 weeks with the treatments at a facility in Tijuana, two of the smaller tumors are gone and the 37cm tumor that was taking over his life is now down to 3cm. His levels are down from 20 to 3 and Peter is filled with so much gratitude and hope.
Because the tumor was aggressive, the doctor had told them that they had to attack it aggressively as well. He goes on to say that his third tumor has shrunk tremendously and he is grateful that he made the journey to get treated there.

“The treatments here were very simple, very painless, amazingly simple and effective. Within a week I was starting to walk back and forth from the hotel. I was able to have conversations. I was feeling better and eating. I couldn’t remember the last time I had eaten. I started to enjoy myself and started having a life with my wife again. We felt like were on a vacation.”

One thing that will stick with him for the rest of his life is each time he has gone in to speak with the doctor that was in charge of his treatment, is that every time he’s asked him how he was he would always say, ‘I’m fine, but the real question is, Peter, how are you?’ The compassion and love he felt coming from this physician was “he’s like a father”. Absolutely the ideal father. Not only the doctor, but the entire staff is amazing based on Peter’s testimony. “This has been the most difficult time in my life and to be surrounded by such an incredible staff, I am so thankful. I get to go home and finally meet our fourth grandchild. A second lease on life.” Scheduling treatment for Peter was smooth, and the treatment itself was not difficult. He goes on to say that he continues to see improvement in his lifestyle, his stamina, his vision as well as his hearing. When asked what he thought about Tijuana, he mentioned that he’s been coming to Mexico for many years and that he’s always felt welcomed by the people there. Tijuana is like a second home to him. Peter goes on to thank Jesus and his wife for helping him get through this journey.

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