The 5 best sobreruedas in Tijuana

Whether to buy, resell or search for bargains, you will find it in these places in the city

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A real Mexican usually goes in search of the best deals, but in Tijuana, the perfect place is the famous sobreruedas (street market).

These places are responsible for bringing products and services of all kinds as close as possible to you: vegetables, clothes, footwear, haircuts, food, drinks, hardware, etc. And although most of the time these are known to be second-hand or semi-new things, there are those who claim that even among these are the best, because they are not only broad with things in good condition, but they are cheap.

If you are not from Tijuana, these sobreruedas are known in other parts of Mexico as Tianguis.

Here are 5 best sobreruedas in Tijuana.

1. Otay Bellas Artes:

This sobreruedas is very extensive, you can find things of all kinds and at a good price. Many of the sellers are foreigners with clothes in very good condition.

When: Sundays
Where: Starts from Sentry lane of Otay, located in Blv. Bellas Artes in Otay, to the Mental Health Hospital, located at Blvd. Internacional # 20501 Cd. Industrial Mesa de Otay, 22400.

2. La Villa:

Also considered one of the biggest sobreruedas, but not as much as Otay's, however, the quality of things you can find are very good. Here you can find from different food stalls, second-hand clothes and furniture, new clothes, electronics, among other treasures. To arrive on time, drive along the southern route to Playas de Tijuana, where you will find the deviation for this colony.

When: Sundays
Where: Colonia Francisco Villa, on Avenida Antonio Villareal

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3. El Mariano curve:

This Tijuana market is one of the longest, since it covers three areas of the city. Here you are sure to find what you are looking for: good, nice and cheap or as they say in Spanish “bueno, bonito y barato”.

When: Sundays
Where: It starts in the church of La curva del Mariano Matamoros, passes through El Pípila and ends in El Florido de Villa Fontana.

Google Maps
Google Maps

4. In Playas:

It is considered a good place to find what you are looking for in good condition, and although it is also very big, the prices will be a little higher if your goal is to buy to resell.

When: Mondays
Where: On Calle Pedregal, Playas de Tijuana

5. Zona Norte:

Here you can find hundreds of street merchants that offer all kinds of products or services. Due to the proximity of the border with the United States, foreigners often visit this sobreruedas on weekends.

When: Saturdays and Sundays
Where: It is located on Av. Miguel F. Martínez between the first street until you reach the International highway towards Playas de Tijuana.

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