Why Go To Mexico For Cancer Treatment?

In 2018 alone, 2 million 129 thousand 118 cases of cancer were registered in the United States

According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), 2 million 129 thousand 118 cases of cancer were registered in the United States in 2018, of which 616 thousand 714 people lost their lives due to this disease.

According to PAHO, the most frequently diagnosed types of cancer in men in the Americas are: prostate (21.7%), lung (9.5%), and colorectal (8.0%). While in women the most frequent cancers are: breast (25.2%), lung (8.5%), and colorectal (8.2%).

However, the most common types of cancer among the population of the United States in 2018 were: breast, bladder and colon, which like the rest of the cancer cases, 40% can be prevented by avoiding key risk factors such as tobacco, alcohol abuse, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity.

Giovanna Gomes en Unsplash
Giovanna Gomes en Unsplash

And although a cancer diagnosis is devastating news, in Mexico there is already new hope for cancer. There are scientifically proven alternative treatments for breast and other cancers in Mexico. Conventional options, after all, include invasive surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, with harmful side effects.

Added to this is "financial toxicity", a term used by researchers who claim that patients who are treated for cancer, knowing that the treatment is too expensive, have been just as affected as with drug toxicity, and even hurt their pockets more than the disease itself, as shown below:

  • 30% more intense than physical symptoms
  • 31% more intense than the loss of physical capacity
  • 43% more intense than social and family stress
  • 37% more intense than the psychological suffering caused by the cancer

The most important symptoms produced by financial toxicity that were the result of a study published in The Oncologist were: anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Nik Shuliahin en Unsplash
Nik Shuliahin en Unsplash

That is why this alternative treatment found in Mexico, can the patient not only recover from cancer in a safer, faster, natural way, but it is also within the possibilities because it does not involve as many drugs as in traditional treatments.

If you live on or near the border, the cancer treatment center in Tijuana Mexico is one of these spaces that offers this type of alternative medicine to treat cancer, even different from those found in California and other states in the United States.

This option could not only work for U.S. citizens with this diagnosis, but also for those people in the Mexican country who have been affected by the shortage of oncological medications since the beginning of 2020 and have taken to the streets to express this need and have only received a shaky and uncertain response from the authorities.

If you want to know how this treatment has improved the lives of others, visit the Immunity Therapy Center website.

Traditional US medicine focuses on fighting the breast cancer cells, but there is little done to build the strength of the body’s healthy cells.

Consider chemotherapy; chemicals are given—often as a major factor in the treatment plan—when the cancer has spread outside of the breast. However, this ‘traditional’ plan comes with wide-ranging side effects to include fatigue and loss of concentration/focus, bruising and bleeding, nausea/vomiting, constipation and/or diarrhea, skin problems and hair loss, urine, bladder, and kidney problems, and more.

Call or fill out the contact form below and receive information about alternative cancer treatments in Mexico, take advantage of the holistic approach, personalized care and lower medical cost overall up to 70%.

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These are signs that your body is trying to overcome tremendous stress when, in fact, your body should be enriched with body-building natural and wholesome treatments to promote well-being of the entire system.

The body needs therapeutic well-being when it’s in defensive mode, trying to heal without the benefit of systematic wellness. You might question whether alternative approaches offered in other countries work, are they safe? There are regulations in the U.S. against doctors using less invasive and non-invasive holistic medical treatments for breast cancer patients. And so, they must simply fight the cancer without alternative wholesome body-enriching therapies.

An alternative breast cancer treatment plan offers a natural approach to medicine. Therapies respond to each patient’s circumstances with protocols that bring wellness to the body’s system.

This includes nutrition. Both therapeutic and stress-free, nutrition through wholesome and balanced meals help keep your system strong while naturally fighting cancerous tissue. Sugar feeds cancer; therefore, a low glycemic diet is a must. Deep breathing and yoga, even aromatherapy all work with diet to increase positivity, remove toxins, and promote well being, thus decreasing anxiety and side effects.

Other alternative therapies, as unique as each person, may include infrared heat (Mag Ray) with potential to kill cancer cells. It’s a controlled fever, increasing only a tumor’s temperature.

By using heat in this manner, the body’s immune system is alerted, recognizing and able to fight the tumor.

A similar therapy, Bio-magnetic, can similarly increase intratumoral temperature, but it also changes the electric charge in a cancer cell in order to disrupt the cancer cell membrane. Laser, too—targeting the tumor—can reduce inflammation that is harmful to health and wellness.

Detoxification with alkalinizing therapies creates an alkaline ph level, toxic to cancer cells. Oxygen therapies—creating an environment where cancer cannot grow—promotes overall well being because every part of the body is benefiting with an oxygen-rich environment.

Other breast cancer therapies increase blood circulation and decrease inflammation, as well as increase oxygen, and can be delivered specifically to the site(s) of a tumor.

Finally, because the immune system’s health must be strong in order to recognize and kill cancer cells, there are additional therapies included in a cancer patient’s plan of action. These might include stem cell therapy and important vaccines that build and maintain the immune system.

Therapies are recommended in a patient’s plan depending on the patient’s circumstances. Therapies, often given over a period of time, cost an average 70% less, compared to similar treatments in the U.S.

Now you know, if you want to know other options that allow you to continue with a less strenuous lifestyle, as traditional treatments do, maybe you should visit the cancer treatment center in Tijuana Mexico.

In addition, being located in this border city will make you feel safer, since Tijuana is considered nationally and internationally as the capital of medical tourism thanks to the development of infrastructure, quality services, trained specialists, but above all because the costs are lower by between 40% and 80% compared to those in the United States, according to data from the Secture.

Not for no reason do 77% of the tourists who come to Baja California for medical reasons, come from Southern California, Arizona and Nevada in the United States, and the remaining 23% come mainly from Canada, Europe and Australia.

But if in times of coronavirus you still have your doubts about traveling to this side of the border with the United States, according to the Secretary of Sustainable Economy and Tourism, Mario Escobedo Carignan, reported that Baja California received this October 2020 the Safe Travel Seal or Safe Travels, by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

So if you plan to seek the services of the cancer treatment center in Tijuana, not only will you be in a safe place, but you will also be able to find other activities at your disposal such as: lodging, restaurants, airports, outdoor event sites, among others; but without taking risks.

What are you waiting for to schedule your appointment? For more details visit Immunity Therapy Center website.

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