Pregnant women are most vulnerable to coronavirus in Baja California

After the new criteria for groups at risk in the face of COVID-19 in Mexico, this sector will return to work until their stage is over

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Through the Official Gazette of the Federation, the new criteria for groups at risk to return to work in the reopening of economic activities were announced since they are the most likely to develop complications or die by COVID-19.

During the third trimester of pregnancy there have been cases of premature rupture of membranes, fetal distress and premature birth. Pregnant women in Mexico have been considered to be under this new criteria, as the group with high vulnerability. Until the entities are under yellow light they may return but only in Covid-free areas (medical care places that do not attend patients with Covid), and only until they are under green light may they return completely, according to the government of this country.

However, in the case of Baja California, Head of the Department of Health, Alonso Perez Rico, said that this sector will remain vulnerable during all quarters of the pregnancy since this state has a high mortality rate. It has registered 8 maternal deaths associated with coronavirus indirectly, so he invited pregnant women to take care of themselves during this stage.

This, Pérez Rico explained, is due to the fact that these criteria were determined based on the local epidemic risk, the medical indicators of each region, and the application of health measures aimed at the population, such as the use of face masks, respecting safe distancing, hand washing, and going out to only perform activities considered essential.

In turn, another vulnerable group that will also stay at home even if the region is under green light are infants, according to authorities.

If you are part of these or other vulnerable groups, we will immediately share with you under which colour you will be able to return to work:



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