Cecut IMAX Dome will only receive 55 people on its reopening

Normally this space in the Cultural Center has a capacity for 300 spectators

Photo by: Centro Cultural Tijuana

The Tijuana Cultural Center (Cecut) reported the capacity limit to return to its face-to-face activities, which still have no set date, which will be part of their strategies and preventive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, as is the safe distance between attendees.

As it is known, this cultural site is made up of several spaces, but has generally managed to reach 66% of its capacity, so the Cecut has provided that once they return to their activities in person attendance at their spaces will be only 30% of the usual capacity, thus reducing the maximum capacity in each of its areas.

In the case of the IMAX Dome, a space with a capacity of up to 300 spectators, it will now only be able to receive 55 people on its reopening, a similar number to the Carlos Monsivais cinema, which will only host 56 people.

According to the Cecut, other areas´ capacites are as follows:

- Video room: Capacity for 18 people
- Federico Campbell Hall: Capacity for just over 50 people
- The Luna Forum: Capacity of 33 people (after receiving hundreds of people)
- Show Room: Capacity of 350 people (after receiving a thousand people)

According to the statement issued by Cecut, similar reductions will be applied to the rest of the spaces, which, in the absence of specific indications, will be communicated verbally by accredited personnel of the institution.

It is worth noting that other measures to be followed in the return of the Cecut under the New Normal, will be the use of face masks for both visitors and members of the site, health controls and as mentioned above, the application of safe distancing.

What do you miss most about the Cecut? Will you go there once they reopen?



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