Swap meet takes preventive measures for COVID-19 in Pancho Villa-Tijuana neighborhood

The Liberal Alliance of Popular Organizations (ALOP) places a preventive module against COVID-19

A group of volunteers and merchants in coordination with the Liberal Alliance of Popular Organizations (ALOP) placed in the Pancho Villa neighborhood last week a preventive module from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. approximately depending on the flow of people.

Esther Estrada (trader and member of the module) said that the initiative emerged last week "because of the peak of COVID-19 in the city".

Esther says they are waiting for more face masks and antibacterial gel, which they give away to people who enter the main street of the swap meet. The street is lined with yellow ribbons, which connect the street vendors' stalls. This allows the main entrance to have this service.

"A minimum of 4 gallons of antibacterial gel and 600 face masks are needed, because even if people don't buy them, they are given face masks to raise awareness," Esther said.

Esther and her partner Ricardo run this module providing gel and face masks to people who come and go.

"We are trying to get this module in marketplaces, in different places and on different days of the week, because many people are not aware that the situation is serious and then blame us for being sources of infection".

The reality is that many people attend these places and the current situation should not be ignored, that is why the work of Esther and Ricardo as members of ALOP is of great importance.


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