Baja California

Americans could pay up to 17 thousand pesos for not complying with sanitary filters in Baja California

If you are American, learn about the measures that are checked at these state checkpoints to avoid these inconveniences

Photo by: Instagram VivaMexicali

The U.S. Consulate General in Tijuana, informed citizens of the American country about the increase of strict measures implemented at the border crossings of Baja California.

"Local authorities have established additional inspection measures for travelers at the Mexicali and Algodones ports of entry to reduce the spread of COVID-19," the Consulate specified.

In light of this, this agency warned Americans who usually visit this state of Mexico that if they do not respect both the sanitary filters located in these checkpoints and any other instructions from Mexican authorities, they will risk fines of between 3,475 pesos and 17,376 pesos; or be arrested.

If you are an American and are heading to Mexicali and want to avoid this type of inconvenience, you should know that the following:

- Mandatory use of masks
- Symptom detection and temperature taking
- Maximum of two people per vehicle
- Verification that the purpose of the trip is considered essential
- Limitations on the transport of alcoholic beverages

Now you know, avoid exposing yourself, your family and Baja California families by following these recommendations. For more information and updates on these measures you can access the following link.

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