Pandemic ends when active cases in Baja California collapse: Secretary of Health

"Let's remember, these are the ones that are infecting other people: the active cases," said Alonso Perez Rico

Photo by: Lothar Dieterich en Pixabay

The Secretary of Health of Baja California, Alonso Perez Rico, informed this Friday morning, September 18, that there are currently 243 active cases in the region, of which 80 are in Tijuana, a municipality that in recent days has positioned itself in first place on this list.

However, today Ensenada displaced the border city in active cases, by totaling (67) cases with those of San Quintin (14), which gave a total of 81; thus passing Tijuana to the second place on the list and Mexicali to third place with 64 active cases.

Seeing a decrease in this number of cases at the state level, Perez Rico said that "as this number begins to plummet, the pandemic ends", although he added that "the only way this will happen is if we cut transmission chains. That we are not infecting other people and that we are distancing ourselves. Remember, these are the ones that are infecting other people - the active cases".

On the other hand, the accumulated positive cases total 18 thousand 460 in Baja California, with Mexicali, Tijuana and Ensenada remaining as the top three most affected municipalities; as well as the 3 thousand 367 deaths registered in the state.

Likewise, these three municipalities are the ones that have reported the most patients recovered, with 10 thousand 571 Baja California natives winning the battle against COVID-19.

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