You could rent your own movie theater at AMC for only $99

This new strategy arises from the crisis that the film industry is going through

Photo by: Michael Gaida vía Pixabay

How many times have we not wished that the cinema was empty only for us and our companions? If you live in or can cross over to San Diego this will be possible at AMC cinemas, where you can rent a theater for you and your companions for $99 dollars.

According to the information provided by AMC, the rates start at this price, not including taxes. However, they will increase to $349 dollars depending on the movie, the location of the theater and any other extras such as food and drinks.

This project is part of the movie theater chain's effort to stay afloat this year, as the coronavirus pandemic has been very damaging to the entertainment industry and consequently to movie theaters.

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, movie theaters have had to put on creative mode, in this regard, in Mexico, Cinepolis decided to put on sale, through Uber Eats, its famous popcorn and candy.

With information from 10 News

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