Vegans are more likely to fracture their bones for lack of meat consumption

By not consuming animal protein they are 43% more susceptible to hip fractures

Vegetarian food is something that has been in trend lately for people who want to have a healthy lifestyle, however, within there is a lot of misinformation about the nutritional contribution of what they consume and the risks to which the body is exposed by leaving out animal protein.

According to a study from the University of Oxford, older people and women are more likely to suffer fractures in their bones, especially in their hips, when they do not eat meat.

The conclusion was derived from the dietary monitoring of 50 thousand English people over two decades. There, they stated that people who did not eat meat, fish or chicken were 43% more likely to have these bone diseases.

Dr. Tammy Tong, a nutritional epidemiologist from Oxford, told BMC Magazine that vegans are 2-3 times greater at risk than those who did eat meat, which is 15 more cases per one thousand people.

In the United Kingdom there are 76 thousand cases of broken hips per year, so they recommend not stopping the consumption of animal protein. This does not mean that you have to eat assiduously or in excess, but that you should continue to contemplate it in your diet, since it is fundamental for the strengthening of your bones.

Not ingesting meat products causes a decrease in the body mass index, calcium and protein, so they recommend going to a nutritionist to assign a diet according to your body.

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