Starting today these Tijuana neighborhoods will not allow swap meets to take place

Because of the concentration of active cases, the activity of swap meets and street markets are restricted.

Photo by: Archivo SDR

According to indications from the Baja California Secretary of Health, both street markets and swap meets should not be installed in the neighborhoods where active cases of COVID-19 are concentrated.

In the case of Tijuana, there are five neighborhoods where these activities will be restricted starting tomorrow, the head of the agency, Alonso Pérez Rico, said Tuesday.

Those neighborhoods and the number of active cases they have accumulated are as follows: Zona Rio (12 active cases), Villa del Prado second section (10 active cases), Mariano Matamoros Norte (9 active cases), Torres del Lago (8 active cases), Villa del Prado (5 active cases).

As of this morning, the active cases located in Baja California number one thousand and 73, of which 434 are in the border city.

The Secretary of Health asked the population to reduce mobility to lower these cases, which give strength to the pandemic and are one of the main reasons why the state remains on high alert.

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